"I suffer from chronic pain due to several medical conditions. Karen's Reiki healing treatments do wonders to ease my pain, melting it away.  Since I live hundreds of miles away from Karen, I chose to get long distance healing at my bedtime. The healing she provided me allowed me to rest peacefully all night and my chronic pain was much better the next day.  Karen's long-distance healing had just as much impact as in-person treatments I've had before. I highly recommend Reiki healing from Karen if you have any kind of pain, stress or anxiety.  She has amazing skills."

Erika Montgomery

"Karen is one of our doula volunteers at the hospital where I work.  I told her I had a migraine headache and she asked if I had 10 minutes.  I did.  She gave me some Reiki healing and my headache literally disappeared.  Karen definitely has a gift for healing."


"My house was on the market for a few weeks and I wasn't getting any offers.  Karen knew that I was having difficulty so she suggested that I clear my house energetically.  I was skeptical but I agreed.  She cleared my house of any negative or disagreeable energy and I sold my house within just a few days.  She's amazing."

"My husband and I took in a foster cat after our beloved cat of 10 years passed away unexpectedly. Charlotte was about a year old and had lived on the streets her entire life. A friend of mine had been feeding Charlotte at her work since she was a tiny kitten. One day Charlotte turned up pregnant, so she was taken to the SPCA to have the pregnancy terminated and to be spayed. Knowing that we had just lost our cat my friend reached to me to see if we would be willing to foster her. We thought this would be a good way to honor Sassy's memory, so we decided to foster Charlotte. 


The day I met Charlotte she was so loving and sweet, but once I got her to our house she was terrified. She wasn't used to being an indoor cat, and she definitely wasn't used to having dogs around. She spent 3 weeks hiding under our book shelve in the room we had designated for her. At this point  my husband and I had decided that we wanted to be her forever home, but we were at a loss of what to do because he was so scared. She wouldn't even come out to eat unless everyone was in bed. 


I finally reached out to Karen and told her about our predicament. Karen was very understanding and told me she thought Charlotte would benefit greatly from Reiki. The day after I spoke with Karen, Charlotte came out from under the bookshelf to eat with my husband and I in the room with her. We were shocked. Charlotte kept her eyes on us the whole time but she didn't run and hide. For the next several days she started to warm up to us even more. Karen had told me that Charlotte trusted us but was still pretty scared and could sense that we were in morning for Sassy. She also told us that Sassy was there helping her transition to life with us, and that Sassy was happy we were able to give Charlotte a home. I'm pretty sure Karen also sent me and my husband reiki, too, because hearing that Sassy was helping Charlotte transition helped us not feel guilty about adopting another cat.


It's been several months since Charlotte received Reiki from Karen and she's acting like a happy house cat. She plays and cuddles with us and even sleeps in our bed with the dogs in the same room. She is back to being the sweet loving cat she was the first day I met her. Karen has also sent our dogs reiki to help them with the transition as well. Our larger dog, Chauncey, no longer barks when she sees Charlotte. I think she has accepted her as part of our family and just wants to be friends. Our little dog, Daisy, is still pretty jealous of Charlotte, but she loves her. Sometimes she even sniffs noses with Charlotte.


I cannot recommend Karen's services enough. She helped our whole family heal after a devastating loss, and helped us create a warm and loving home for our new family member, Charlotte.”


Stephanie DuPont


Karen Reimer

Holistic Healer, Metatronia Therapist, Master Level 2; 

Reiki Master; Mystic; Medium, On the Shamanic path. 
Southern Nevada!  

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