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What Happens during a Healing!

Let’s start with what is a healing. Well a healing is a way for me to help you feel better. Kind of like a massage or acupuncture treatment (without the needles). The healing that I do works with your body’s energy to relieve stress, anxiety, aches, pains and a number of other physical and mental ailments, just like many other healing modalities. How? By unblocking energy that is pent up in your body. Everything is made of energy, all the way down to the cellular level. My healing modalities that I have learned over the past few years help me to help you relieve the blocked energy so you can get back to yourself. The modalities I use are Reiki and Metatronia along with other healing modalities I have learned along the way.

What happens during a 30 minute healing?

First I talk to you to ask you if you have anything that you would like me to address before we get started. It can be anything from headaches to stress. It gives me a starting place.

Next you lay on my massage bed and get comfortable. Then you close your eyes (or leave them open if you prefer) and I ground you with a grounding chord that is attached at your first chakra (pelvis)that is unique to you. I have seen everything from sparkly pink ones to tree trunks. They all work. As the grounding is working (it takes about a minute), I get the chance to look at your Aura.

Next I work on your Aura to clear it. Sometimes they are as thick as marshmallow cream. Others are dark and dreary. Still others are clear or pretty colors. It just depends on your energy. Clearing basically means getting rid of all the stuck energy in your aura out and away from your body. Sometimes friends or loved one’s energy gets stuck in our auras. I tell them to leave for a bit. There not always happy to go. Most of them do though.

Now that the aura is clear, I can work on the energy in the body itself. I intuitively know what the issues are. I usually start at your feet and work up from there. Sometimes I touch your ankles or other parts of your body (I always ask first). Sometimes I can do the healing without touching you at all. Depending on how much stuck energy you have, this can be the longest part of the healing session. You may feel heat, tingling, or even pain. If it gets to intense, then I back off.

Once I feel like the blocked energy is taken care of, I realign your Chakras and take care of any holes that were created in your Aura. Yes, Auras can get torn and have holes in them from everyday life.

Now for one of my favorite parts. I refill your Aura with beautiful golden energy so you feel rested and relaxed. The feeling you have after a healing, can last for a few days or even longer.

Did you know that I do this long distance? What’s that you say? Well I call you on the phone and we have a session. It’s great. You’re at home in your space and you get a healing. Does it work? Yes, it does. I’ll give you a sample in-home 10 minute healing for only $20.00 if you want to try it.

Are you ready for a healing? Just say yes! Contact me today!!

(925) 895-4948 - Text or Call!

Love, peace and healing for you and your family,


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