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What can a Doula do for you to have the birth that you desire!

Having a support person at your birth is very important. I know that you may think that having your partner there, like your mom, or even your best friend is there is enough. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. As a doula I have been to several births. Some partners are great! There with you all the time, they use comfort measures during labor, they love on you, they are very attentive. I’ve also seen the opposite. It’s one o’clock in the morning and labor is going strong. Your partner is asleep on the couch or complaining about being tired. Your mom and your best friend went to get coffee and aren’t back yet and your about to go into transition. What? It does happen. The other thing is that the people that are closest to you can cause greater stress and anxiety. How? While your laboring, they are stressing because they don’t want to see you in pain. Their concerned. That’s ok. But as a woman about to have a baby, you need and deserve more.

Let’s talk about how a doula can really help you during this time with you and your family and friends. I know they cost money, and it can be a really stressful time on your finances, but you will find that they are totally worth it. There are doula's out there, like myself, that take payments, credit cards, and will work with you regarding costs.

How can a doula help? A doula is there for you and your partner. She or he (yes I know a male doula) is there to ensure that you get the birth you desire, or as close as possible. She can help you with your needs, your family, your partner, give you tips and tricks for a better labor, pain management, comfort measures, childbirth education, breastfeeding and newborn care to just name a few.

As for assistance during labor, a doula can keep the room calm and stress free, and this is important because you want to be as relaxed as possible so labor can be less painful. How do they do that. Well sometimes essential oil helps, like lavender, or even being in a relaxed state of mind that can bring an aura of relaxation into the labor environment. They may play music you like. Use affirmations that help empower you. Massage. Turn down the lights. Make sure you have what you need, like drinks, snacks or other goodies. Have your family “help” with getting drinks, snacks and goodies. Maybe go to your car to get things, like your bag you left there, or other things. Give your partner help with reminding them of comfort measures. They can also remind your partner about the birth plan and how he can help get the kind of birth you both desire. Like asking questions about procedures, etc. and letting the staff (whether it’s a midwife, nurse or the doctor) know what you want.

As a doula, I’m here for you and your family so you can have a labor and birth that you desire. In the hospital, home or free birth is a choice that you make and I support all of them. Your birth. Your choice. Ready to learn more about what a doula can do for you? Get a FREE consultation with me so I can answer any questions you have about pregnancy, labor and birth.

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