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Western Medicine v. Energy healing

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Or should I say, lets figure out a way they can work together. This topic is not an easy one to talk about, especially if you’re a Western Medicine supporter and think that Energy Healing (or Reiki) is some kind of wu wu medicine that really does not work. As an Energy Healer I’m even having issues trying to write this because I know personally how an Energy Healer can really make a difference in your life.

I wish, I wish, I wish that one day we can be in partnership with each other to help people, all people. I know there are hospitals and other facilities that are starting to embrace this concept. A hospital in California works with a Shaman. I googled this and found that there are several other hospitals that use Energy Healing for Cancer patients among others. It’s considered an “Alternative” treatment and is done by volunteers that do not get compensated for their time. I understand that Energy Healing, or the power of Chakras, for that matter, are fairly new information to the Western Medicine world, but they are an important part of our bodies that needs to stay well.

Energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, is considered a hands-on healing technique. BTW it doesn’t have to be hands on. I do Energy Healing over the phone for people all the time. And yes, it works, just like hands on. Anyway, Energy Healing is performed by a healer by channeling energy from the Earth and/or the Cosmos, the Universe or the Divine. Whatever you want to call it. Most healers are natural born healers. This means that they are born on this earth with beautiful gifts of being able to heal people, the earth, animals and plants. They use the intuition that they already have to awaken their healing intuition and understand so they can understand what the patient’s needs are regarding energetic and physical disorders. They can easily use their intuition to know where the healing energy is needed to help the patient feel better and/or help the medicine administered to the patient to work better by helping the body to relax.

Other physical aspect of the effects of getting a Reiki healing (Energy Healing) was published by Dr. Diane Wardell and her colleagues. She found that Energy Healing produced positive changes towards the immune system, diminished systolic heart pressure, produced relaxation, and increased skin temperature among other things. All from Energy Healing. Does this convince you? Not yet? Let’s move on and look at the mental connection.

If you believe that a treatment is going to cure you, then the treatment that you receive, whether its Energy Healing or something else like surgery, medication, eating healthy, doing Yoga, or wearing a specific crystal, they will have better effects for you. The mind is the most powerful treatment, and if you believe that treatment is good for you, then its effects will be stronger.

The use of Energy Healing in hospitals are in demand for Cancer Care and Pain Management. These two areas have deep strong roots to the patient’s consciousness and mindset and Energy Healing would be beneficial. I also believe that Energy Healing should be offered to all patients in hospitals, not specific departments because I also believe that every patient in a hospital can benefit from Energy Healing. Why? Let me give you an example. I use to be a doula in California. I used Energy Healing on my clients to relieve anxiety and pain. It really helped. Their labors were shorter and they recovered quicker. I also used Energy Healing on babies that were in utero. They love it. I mean can you imagine being in a tied pillow case and the tie was only loosened a little bit and you were literally pressed against the opening. Your stressed. Your heart rate goes up. Giving them energy healing sends loving vibes to them and baby’s calm down, mommy calms down and babies are born with less stress.

That’s only one example and I know there are several others. Let me give you one more example. I have a client in California. When she called me she was desperate. She told me that she had been to several medical providers and no matter what they prescribed, nothing helped. Her sister had told her about me because she had received a healing from me at a holistic show. I gave my client a healing and the pain was gone and hasn’t come back. For her it was a godsend. For me it was further proof of what I can give the world and the world of medicine. Can you imagine working with doctors and other medical professionals using Energy Healing? Outcomes of patients could be better. There may be a possibility to get patients out of the hospital and home quicker, better recovery, meds working better for cancer patients and that’s only a few things that could happen when you utilize Energy Healers.

But that’s not the whole story. Chakra alignment has an effect on the wellbeing of the body. There are 7 main chakras in the body. They all affect different parts. For example, if the root chakra at the bottom of the hips is out of alignment it can lead to chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins and more. If the heart chakra is out of alignment it can lead to heart disease, breast cancer, in addition to heart attack and more.

What do I mean when I say the “out of alignment” for the chakras. Well chakras are energy centers in the body that help the surrounding organs and muscles work. If the chakras are not working correctly, then the surrounding organs and muscles don’t work as well because they don’t have sufficient energy to thrive. When they are in alignment and working at their very best, then the organs and tissues around them are happy and work better.

How do I know this? Along with being a healer, I am a medical medium. When I do healings, I can see, with my minds’ eye, muscles and organs. As I go through my healing with a client, I can detect tight muscles, lungs that are not working at their optimum level, along with fatty livers, among other things. As a healer I then look at their chakras. Chakras normally spin to the right with the energy they have. When they are not doing that and they are sluggish, the area around them can suffer. Once they are all spinning in the right direction, my clients feel better. And that is the goal for both hospitals and Energy Healers, isn’t it?

That said, I truly believe that Energy Healers have a place in the medical community. Not as “alternative” medicine, but as another option, like physical therapy. If only the insurance companies would cover it. I would also love to see hospitals and other care providers have an Energy Healer on staff for each department, including labor and delivery, emergency room, pediatrics, cardiovascular and more. Also, it would be great to have Energy Healers in rehabilitation centers, hospice and senior facilities. It would make me and so many other people that believe Energy Healing works to help people feel better and happy to see that Energy Healing is being utilized in the medical community.

If you would like more information about me, Energy Healing, or to make an appointment with me for a healing, please text me at (925) 895-4948! Thank you.

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