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Reiki – Energy Healing – Plus, a couple of tips for everyday living.

Let’s really explore energy and what it is and what it can me. Think about this. Energy is all around us. Everywhere! From your body to your home, to your children, your car, nature, air, everything that we see around us or can taste, feel or touch. Everything. Are you surprised about this? Don’t be. Just think about it. As an Energy Healer I interact with energy all the time. I see and feel things most people don’t even think about. How energy affects you, your mood and most important, how you feel is my business as a Healer. But first things first.

Before we dive into this, here’s a couple of tips for everyday living.

Let’s work on grounding and your breath. Finding your breath can change the energy around you and the energy in your space. Let’s work on that. Its super easy. It involves breath at a slower pace than normal breathing and anyone can do this. Ready? Here we go. Breath in through your nose slow and easy. Now exhale through your mouth, slow and easy. Do about 5 rounds of this and see how you feel. Better? Good.

The next thing is just as easy. Getting grounded. Being grounded could possibly be the best thing you can do for yourself. What is grounding? It’s having your body feel grounded with the earth. You’ve probably heard of “Earthing” where you walk around with bare feet on the earth? Well, it’s something like that. It also helps you connect to the earth. Being grounded helps you stay calm and just feel better. Ready? Let’s get started.

After or during your breath work, imagine a cord attached to the bottom of your hips. Now imagine that cord dropping down to the center of the earth. Through all the layers of the earth all the way to the center. Now imagine a tree or a rock or whatever you like that you can wrap your cord around. Imagine the cord wrapping itself around the rock or whatever you imagined. Your hips may feel heavy and that’s ok. And that’s it! Easy isn’t it and it can make such a difference. After you do this a few times, it becomes easy and quick.

Now Let me tell you a little bit about my Reiki (Energy Healer) journey. My journey with energy healing started many years ago when I was at a holistic fair in San Jose. I went with a friend, and she knew one of the Reiki practitioners at the fair. She told me that he had helped her to resolve some physical and mental issues that she had been hanging on to. It was towards the end of the day, so I decided to try it. He had me lay down on a massage bed face up and covered me with blankets. He then put his hands on my shoulders. I felt the energy start to go down the front of my body to my heart chakra. It stayed there for quite a while. As I was getting this healing, I closed my eyes and saw waves of color. It was a little scary but amazing. I decided after I got my first treatment that I wanted to do Energy Healing for people, animals and the world. So, I signed up for my first class.

My first Reiki class was at a horse rescue in Santa Cruz. It was a class for Animal and Human Reiki alike. I learned so much and when I went to bring Reiki to myself and to others, those colors I had seen with my first treatment came back! It was pretty amazing.

Since than I have taken Reiki 2, Reiki 3 with Shoden Reiki (more animal based but good for everyone) and another Reiki 3 class with Usui Fire Reiki. I mastered both modalities, so yes, I call myself a Master Healer. Since than I have also taken classes in Metatronia Therapy and am now a Master Metatronia Therapist as well. It has definitely been a journey of discovery and finding my soul’s path.

What does Energy Healing do? For birth workers, it can help clients feel safe, help to get rid of blocks, like fear, deal with stress, and help women deal with pregnancy issues, like back pain, headaches, and ligament pain by helping the body to relax and heal. I have read that it can also help breech babies turn. It may be a little more of a gentle way to turn a breech baby. Energy Healing can also help start labor by allowing the body to relax and easing the stress and anxiety that women face when they are pregnant.

Doing Energy Healing for a woman in labor can help them relax. Relaxation is one of the keys to a good labor and birth. Why? Because when the body is relaxed it can just work better. Its so much better than being in a stressed state. Just imagine your client being so relaxed during labor that she falls asleep and wakes up with her baby crowning. Now that would be great. Can you do that with Energy healing? Yes. Btw babies in utero love it. Especially during labor. If mom is stressed, baby is stressed. It helps when you send soothing safe energy to them. Since babies are such spiritual little beings, it tends to really settle them down.

For people, animals and the earth, Energy Healing can help. Energy healing really works well on stress, anxiety, aches and pain giving people a better life and outlook. I am so grateful that I have the innate gift of being able to feel and heal energy for people that have stress, anxiety, aches and pains. My healing modalities help them feel better and lighter. It makes my day when I can help someone and have their pain resolved and their stress and anxiety lessened after one healing. If you’re unsure about Energy Healing, don’t be. It’s not hocus pocus, it’s energy Energy Healing and it does work. Everytime!

One thing I came to realize after my training as a healer is there are literally no limits regarding the possibilities that can be done with Energy Healing. Everything! Like relieving stress, anxiety, aches and pain, but also helping people in general to relax more so they can really enjoy life. And who doesn’t want that.

Energy Healing is a beautiful energy that can never do any harm. Ever!

If you’re interested in having a healing or learning more about this fantastic modality to help others, please contact me at (925) 895-4948. (Text is best.)

“Having faith in what you can’t see may be one of the hardest and one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, your animals, and the earth.”

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