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Distance Healing. What is it and how does it work.

I am a Master Healer. What does that mean exactly? A Master Healer is a person that knows about Reiki or any other energy healing modality and has reached the level of Master Healer in Reiki and other modalities such as Metatronia Therapy. Reiki is the most popular so we can start there. I have double Attunement and Master Healer certification in both Shoden and Usui fire Reiki. I am also a Master Attuner and Healer for Metatronia Therapy. Metatronia Therapy goes deeper than Reiki within the body, all the way down to the DNA. It is powerful stuff. But why am I telling you all this? Well, I feel you knowing my background and training will help you trust what I am about to tell you regarding distance healing and how it works. I am doing this because many people are put off by the fact that I only do distance healing and not in-person healing. Let me back track for a minute. I do in person healing occasionally. If you really do want an in-person healing, it will be at my house. I live in Las Vegas area. But I digress. I have had booths at several holistic fairs in California and did in person healings there. But since COVID hit I have done 95 percent of my healings over the phone. You are in your space, and I am in mine. It makes it very comfortable for you and me both. I know for a fact that it is very possible to do a healing session using Reiki or any other healing modality without you being there in person. Look at my website and you will see several people that I have done healings on using this method of long-distance healing.

But first let’s talk about what energy healing is and what exactly does energy have to do with it. Maybe you think that is a crazy statement, but just think about it for a minute. Energy is everywhere. In your body, in your house, in your pets’ body, in the cards or books you read, the food you eat, your house, even the wood and stucco, all the trees and flowers and air and, well you get what I mean. Bottom line is energy is everywhere. We cannot run away from it or wash it off. It just does not happen. The earth and everything that resides here is made from energy. So how does that work with energy healing.

As an empath*, intuitive* and a healer*, I have the innate ability to read your energy in your body and around your body without having you in front of me. I can also fix that energy that I feel may be stuck or out of whack, without you there. I have clients all over the United States. Do I fly all over the United States to do healing for them? No. I do it from my house in Nevada. They are at their house in Florida, or wherever. It works, every time. So here is my challenge for you. Be brave. Try it. Be open to it. You wouldn’t be reading this unless you were interested in energy healing. So, take a chance. You will be glad you did. Give me a call and let’s get rid of those aches, pains, anxiety and stress today! (925) 895-4948 (Text is best).

*empath – a person with the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

*intuitive – using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

*healer – a person who seeks to cure diseases or heal injuries by means other than conventional medical treatment. “a spiritual healer and medium.”

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