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Aura’s and how they affect how you feel (From a Healer’s point of view!)

When I talk about Aura’s I get a questioning look or a “oh yeah, I’ve heard of that.” I go on to explain what they are. “Everything is made of energy and everything living has an aura. People, trees, even the smallest bug on the earth. In my experience, if your aura is full of other energy, besides your own, it can make you feel funky. What do I mean by that? Well, it can make you feel disorientated, depressed, out of sorts, ungrounded and a host of other things.”

Personally, I’ve found that when I tell people about Aura’s, they either accept it or are very skeptical. I have, in my healing experience, healed the Aura’s of people that have never had the experience before. They come away very relaxed and happy. They are surprised how good they feel. It’s really amazing.

Aura’s are important to try and keep clear. It can be tough, even for the most careful spiritual practitioner. For the regular everyday person that doesn’t realize that they even have an Aura, it can be an eye opening experience to meet with a healer and have their Aura reset. It may even take some convincing for them to even think about healing it.

So let’s explore the Aura a little more. Aura’s can be tricky things. They can be big and blousy, or they can huddle close to your body. They can be many colors, from muddy brown to beautiful light blue. They can also be thick like marshmallow cream. Full of other energy that is not yours. The outside of the Aura can be different colors or even different types of protection. It was amazing. Most people have colors or just a ring of light for the outside of their Aura, but not all. I was healing a person one day, and they had a thorny bush type covering around their Aura.

When I have read articles or books about Aura’s, they tell me that they are usually surrounded by a rainbow of colors that reflect the colors of the chakras. In my experience, I don’t usually see that. I also don’t see the “normal” colors of the chakras. Don’t ask me why, but I don’t. I also don’t feel that there is a “normal” color for the chakras. It’s more of a feeling for me that I get when I’m doing healings and less of a color.

So let’s take a look at what happens during an Aura healing. First, I ground you with a chord from your first chakra (hip area) to the center of the earth. I intuitively know what kind of chord to use during grounding. I have gotten everything from tree roots to sparkly chords. It makes my healing very interesting. During grounding, it gives me a chance to look at your Aura. They can range from beautiful to thick and full of “stuff.” I then clear the Aura and begin to scan the body for blockages that can lead to aches and pains. I clear those and at the end, I fill the body with golden energy! Everyone I have healed has a beautiful smile on their face after I’m finished. It’s a beautiful time.

Want to experience a beautiful healing? Contact me today!! We can do this either at your home or mine, or long distance. Yes, long distance. Energy travels all over the world and I have the innate ability to connect with people’s energy that allows me to heal them. Try it today! You won’t regret it. Here's how to get in touch with me (Text is best) (925) 895-4948!

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