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Are you an empath? What does that mean exactly and what can I do to protect myself from others.

Are you an empath? What does that mean exactly and what can I do to protect myself from others. Let’s answer “are you an empath?” first. So, what exactly is an “Empath.” According to the dictionary -

“In science fiction, empaths have a supernatural ability to feel, and sometimes manipulate other people’s emotions. In general, empaths are people who deeply understand other people’s feelings, often treated like a personality type in popular psychology.” Related words are – good vibes, hugs, and kisses, third eye, empathy, and telepath. Ok. So that’s a mouthful and a half!

I continued to look on-line to find out more. On “Healthline” a therapist says “empaths have a higher sensitivity to outside stimuli such as sounds, big personalities, and hectic environments. They bring a lot of heart and care to the world and feel things very deeply.” (Kim Egel, San Diego based therapist.) This sounds more like it. I am going to give you my thoughts as a spiritual person next.

As a spiritual person, I believe everyone has empathy to a degree. Some more than others. I find that if you’re a spiritual person (a person that is connected to the universe. We all are, it’s just the degree that you accept it you may be very empathic, and it can really affect you. Even passing someone on the street you may be able to feel how they feel at that very moment. Other times you may not. It just depends on the circumstances. If your in a train station waiting on your train you may feel the emotions of everyone around you or you may not. It all depends on what your doing at the time. Maybe your listening to music or a book on tape. Those are great distractions.

I recently came across information on “Moon” empaths. I love the moon and feel very connected to it. That said, some of the information I found about “Moon” empaths doesn’t really resonate with me. For example, it says that “Moon” empaths hate crowds. I don’t hate crowds, but if I go to a noisy restaurant, I need a couple of minutes to “put my shield up” as I call it. Then I’m ok. “Death and supernatural things have always fascinated you.” This is not a statement that I really resonate with either. I do talk to the dead so maybe I do. It also says that empaths “like to collect crystals, stones and seashells. Yep, that’s me 100 percent. I have so many crystals its ridiculous. And I get more all the time. Yes, it may be an addiction. I’m working on it.

The next thing is says is about nature. I love nature. The more time I spend in it the better. I love hiking and looking at the stars and moon. Its one of my favorite things. The other things it says, like “liking silver over gold.” Ok. I do like silver better, and I do like candles, storms, windy weather, and the smell after a rain. It also refers to having “more energy when the moon shines at night.” I’m not sure about that, but I do know the new moon and the full moon affect me. It just depends.

I personally think that being a “Moon” empath is close to being an “empath” in general. You may feel all the things that a “Moon” empath experiences. You may even have a different experience than any of the ones I mentioned here and be an empath. I believe that there are no steadfast rules here.

So now you’ve decided that yes, your an empath. Great! Congratulations! There are a few things you can do to protect yourself and keep your sanity all at the same time. Here’s my short list:

Find a crystal that resonates with you. Anyone you want. Go to a crystal store and run your hand over the crystals. See if your hand tingles or your just drawn to it. If that doesn’t work for you, here’s a list of crystals that my help you.

Black Obsidian – This is the granddaddy for protection. It’s the best stone for that. It sucks negativity from the body and morphs it into positive vibes. Use the mantra “My energy is defended. I am safe and protected.”

Flourite, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Black Turmoline, White Howlite, Lepidolite, and Tree Agate are all good choices as well. You can also go on the internet and put in “Best crystals for Empaths” and find many choices. Pick the ones that resonate with you. That are calling to you (yes, they do call to me). Just a heads up, crystals are addicting.

So now you have picked out a few crystals, or you see a bracelet that would work. I’d probably start with a bracelet and some crystals but that’s just me. When you get home from the crystal shop, put your new crystals in the sun for a little bit. Like an hour. Then, one at a time, put them in your hand and program your crystal. Its easy. Close your eyes and ask the crystal for protection for you or whatever you want the crystal to do for you including protecting you from other people’s energy. Then when you go outside into the world, you’ll know that your protected. That’s a good thing, right?

The other thing I’m going to suggest here is get and learn how to use a pendulum. When your at the crystal store ask about them. They are really cool. Ask how to use it. I use mine all the time to see where energy is in my house, on my dogs, for myself, and yes and no questions I have. The yes and no feature is really good. It reads the vibes from your body and the food your eating. For example, you may think you need another cup of coffee. Ask the pendulum. What does it say? Does it say no? Ok. Your choice now. I personally would follow the pendulum’s advice. But that’s me. They are pretty much right on all the time.

So that’s it. There is a lot of information about being an empath on the internet and what you should do. This article is just my opinion based on some of the research I did. It may not be someone elses. The spiritual world that we live in is not embraced by everyone, even though people should be open minded about it. (Many are not.)

Please don’t hesitate to answer any questions you may have about being an empath, crystals, or pendulums. I’m happy to help. Have a beautiful day.

By Karen Reimer - Master Healer - Owner of Heartfelt Healing.

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