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Are you an Athlete that struggles with aches, pains, or focus? Then Energy Healing is for you!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As an athlete myself, I know how painful injuries are. Recovery can be long and put you out of the game for an extended amount of time. This can lead to depression and feeling inadequate among other things. I know for me, when I crashed on my bike a few years ago during a training, I ended up in the emergency room with several injuries. It took me awhile to get back on my bike and ride with confidence. I truly believe that if I had had energy healing it would have helped me to recover better. I also truly believe that my energy healing can help you to be a better athlete with better focus, less injuries, accelerated recovery leading to peak performance for any sport.

Conventional medicine has its limitations but the healing forces within the human body knows no such limitations. Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports. With therapies, such as acupuncture, homeopathy and energy healing are now regularly being used in the treatment of sports injuries.

Energy healing is an ancient practice that assists the body with healing. The method of receiving an energy healing is a very simple process. The recipient remains fully clothed and either lays on a bed or sits in a chair. The practitioner either gently touch’s the recipient with their hands or hovers their hands above the body. The practitioner gently moves their hands around the recipient to feel the energy that may be stuck in or around the body. Doing this helps to unblock or release any unwanted energy that the body retains hence helping the body to release any pain, stress or anxiety.

Does energy healing help with athletic ability? YES!! Energy healing for athletes is essential. A growing number of athletes can be seen using energy balancing and energy healing techniques as part of their warm-up routine as well as for achieving and maintaining performance levels throughout the season and continuing on through the off-season to invoke maximum recovery. Energy healing sessions can help you excel in sports in multiple ways. It doesn’t even matter what kind of sport you practice, football, cycling, running, baseball, hockey, tennis, swimming among many others. Having a regular session with an energy healer is a must do for so many reasons.


Energy healing is a safe, natural and highly effective way for you to deal with aches, pain, anxiety, and everyday stress. The energy healing that I practice is unique to me. It is a combination of Reiki (a gentle and restorative Japanese energy healing modality) and Metatronia Therapy (an energy healing method that goes all the way down to the cellular level). The combination of both of these entities allows me to give athletes a well-rounded healing that really works to relieve acute and chronic pain along with bringing clarity and increase mental focus. It also enables the body to go into a deeply relaxed, meditative state, balances emotions, and reduces stress and anxiety which in turn brings a sense of peace and relaxation.


Well you can. We all have both a physical body and an energy body. The physical body is made up of things that we can see, touch and feel. It also includes the skeletal system that is the foundation of framework of the physical body, the muscular and tissue systems – including organs, ligaments and tendons, and the fluid systems – blood and lymph. The energy body includes the aura – our energy shield around our physical body, the chakras – energy spheres that are located along the spine and the meridians – the energy pathways throughout the body. The energy body directly impacts and governs the physical body.

Energy healing works specifically with the energy body, supporting and strengthening the aura, chakras and the meridians. Once the body’s energy systems are unblocked and balanced, the impact on the physical body is profound and powerful. The body becomes strong, flexible and resilient. Energy healing also allows the mind to relax and enter a deep state of relaxation where you can connect with the inner self and increase mental strength. Athletes know that performance is 20% physical and 80% mental and this ratio can be hard to execute. With regular healing sessions an athlete can have an easier time to obtain the mental part of this equation.


The last thing any athlete wants is a debilitating injury that will put them out for the rest of the game or worse, for the entire season. You can decrease your chances of getting hurt by receiving energy healing's, which will increase both your physical and mental stamina by resolving the stress and anxiety in your body and mind. A healthy mind creates a healthy body, and a healthy body will perform at its best. The confidence and peace of mind that comes with having clear, balanced energies will result in sure-footed execution. If you want to reduce the chances of becoming injured, regular energy healing treatments have been shown to increase both your physical and psychological stamina, reducing your chances of injury, as well as giving an athlete that winning edge.


Just as important as a challenging workout or practice is the recovery that comes after it. Muscle fibers tear, electrolytes drain, and fluids deplete when you work your body to its limit. It’s the resting period after it all that makes us stronger. Energy healing can improve and speed up this process. The positive energy and overall sense of relaxation you can gain from energy healing will quickly help your body mend.


Any athlete knows that having proper focus and concentration makes all the difference in sports performance. Losing your nerve at a pinnacle moment could mean defeat. But energy healing will rid you of toxic energies and anxious distractions, giving you an edge over the competition. Become stronger, calmer, and more driven by promoting positive, balanced energies within yourself with energy healing.


It's not uncommon for people to report that energy healing prior to a workout makes them feel more energetic and mentally sharp. Receiving energy healing during a workout recovery period can help reduce muscle pain and tightness. Energy healing works directly on the energy system in a way that not all self-care and recovery practices do, and it can contribute to a profound ability to more deeply relapercent safe, holistic, and feels incredible.

If you would like to know more about the energy healing that I do, or would like to make an appointment with me to get a healing, please call or text me at (925) 895-4948. I look forward to working with you to show you how energy healing can help you to be your best.

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