Metatronia Therapy!

     Metatronia Therapy® (MT) is an evolutionary healing vibration or energy, that assists us as we move and evolve from simple humans  towards women and men of Light).  The vibration is ever altering and ever expanding, constantly adapting to the needs of the recipient.  The energy is vibrantly living, intelligent and tailors itself to your unique light coding.  It is deeply transformative and works on many levels not just the physical, emotional and mental bodies, but with much more that cannot be described and understood by the human brain, and yet, it can be experienced and sensed.  MT helps us to optimize our physical human light-body in every way, so that we can realize our life’s true soul-purpose.


     The healing process of MT is painless, very soothing and extremely relaxing.  What MT does is align our blueprint, repairs our DNA and heals our Aura, in so doing it helps to raise our vibration to a higher frequency, allowing for healing to take place on many levels.  The healing energy ground us and stimulates the thought processes, making our thought patterns more positive, energized and uplifted and in alignment of who we are at soul level. 

     MT helps us to vibrationally come into contact with our soul’s purpose.  It allows us to see who we truly are, from the inside, which has an effect on our life as a whole.  In so doing, Metatron moves us where we need to be, as if by alchemy, with no need for trials or tests, but merely with a gentle, beautiful uplifting vibrational energy, that works very deeply to free our spirit and soul from our human conditioning and aligning us with our true free spirit and soul from our human conditioning and aligning us with our true free spirit and soul, so that we can become one.  Cutting directly through our ego, worldly dressing, and conditioned drama, right through to our true birth right of total peace and harmony, which resides deep within each of us.

     MT Healing takes place on a cellular level, reaching our very core, allowing us to function more freely, think more openly and deeply, feel at one with the Universe, and most importantly, connecting us with the deepest part of ourselves, our true selves, our real essence.

     MT Healing is working with colors and geometric shapes (sacred Geometry) which you may see or sense during the session.  All that is required of the individual recipient, is to allow the energies to go where they are needed, without trying to understand or control the process with your thoughts and/or ideas.  The healing happens by itself.  One of the many things you will probably being to notice, is how it feels being less and less trapped and conditioned by your thoughts and issues.

Do you have additional questions or would like a healing using Metatronia Therapy? 


Karen Reimer

Holistic Healer, Metatronia Therapist, Master Level 2; 

Reiki Master; Mystic; Medium, On the Shamanic path. 
Southern Nevada!  

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