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Medical Medium

What is a Medical Medium and why do I call myself one.  Well, lets answer the first question first.  What is a Medical Medium. According to Google, a Medical Medium, is a self-proclaimed medium who offers pseudoscientific medical and health advice based on alleged communication with a Spirit.  I personally would take out the word "alleged" but that's me.  And all Medical Mediums are not the same, just like Doctors are not all the same.  


Well for me it means that I can communicate with cells that live in the body.  I can also see inside the body, like the liver, heart, lungs, kidney's and other organs to see what's going on in their.  I have a gift that I didn't even know I had until I did a healing for my sister's husband and clearly saw his liver.  Did I diagnose it correctly?  Yes.  It's really amazing stuff.  When I do healings I can tell you if you smoke or not because the lungs tell me this.  If your thyroid is ok or anything else that is going on with you.  It's amazing.  

So how does that help you when I'm doing a healing. Well I can 9 times out of 10 ( no one is perfect), look inside your body, talk to your cells a bit and find out what's missing in your diet or if anything else is out of whack and what you may need to put it back into health.  

Call me today.  Let's make an appointment, take a look and even give you a healing.  Its all good stuff. 

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