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Healing Services!

Healing for you, your family, your pets, and your house are only the beginning. I also specialize in using my healing services to help stop pain, give athletes and edge, and help cancer patients in their path to recovery.  

Distance Healing for you and your family! 

Distance Healing is a great way to go to help yourself feel better.  And isn't that what getting a healing is all about?  You are at your house and I am at mine.  Does it work?  YES!, every time. Why? I have the inate ability to connect with your energy and can intuitively tell what is going on with it that may be causing you aches, pains, stress and anxiety. Using my healing modalities, I can really make a difference on how you and your family feel. If you have anxiety, stress or if you suffer from diseases like Cancer, Fibromyalgia, MS or a variety of other diseases, my healing therapy can help you feel better. Even after just one treatment I have seen marked improvement in the level of pain, stress and anxiety my clients feel. Your children and babies will also love it.

It helps enormously if they or any of your loved ones are ill or in a hospital setting. I love showing my clients how, after just a few treatments, my healing services can make an enormous difference in their health. 


Please contact me directly for an appointment for a healing session. (925) 895-4948 (call or text (text is best))

email - (put "Healing Requested" in the tag line.)  

Thank you! I look forward to helping you and your family feel better. Healing Sessions can last up to 1 hour (but usually not) 


Healing sessions with me are donations only.  I want to be able to make my sessions available for everyone, regardless of financial situations.  Suggested donations are $150.00 per hour.  

Free 30 minute Energy Healing Consultation! Call me today!  (925) 895-4948

Family Love

Distance Healing for your Pet!

Dog Spa

Energy healing can help your animal, either little or big, tiny or very big, to heal from past trauma, sickness, injury or just everyday life.  I have had great successes using energy healing on a various array of animals including horses, dogs, cats, ducks and geese among others.  Your animal will love it.  

Please contact me directly for a time and date for a healing session. (925) 895-4948 (call or text. Text is best); email  (put "Healing Requested" in the tag line.)  

Thank you!

Payment is on a donation basis only.  (Recommended donation are $150.00 dollars an hour) 

Energetic Healing for your Home!

Does your home feel energetically stuck?  Maybe it feels heavy or just not comfortable.  Are you having trouble selling your house?  Or it could be that you just bought a new house and you want the energy from the previous owners gone.  I can help clear out any unwanted energy on your property and your home. Energetic healing can help with unwanted energy in your home and yard.  I have had great success assisting my clients in selling their home, clearing unwanted energy out of a new home, and clearing out heavy or unwelcoming energy in your current home using my unique method of home healing

Please contact me directly for a time and date for a healing session. (925) 895-4948 (call or text - text is best); email  (put "House Healing Requested" in the tag line.)  

Thank you!

Home and yard energy clearing by Donation only (Recommended donation is $150.00 to 300.00 dollars per hour) 


Brick House
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