Healing during pregnancy, labor and birth!

Healing can help during pregnancy, labor and birth.  How?  Pregnancy can be anxiety ridden and stressful.  Keeping a job, dealing with other children, your partner, and dealing how quickly your body is changing, just to name a few, can be tough.  Healing can help relax you so you can feel better.

During labor, healing is an important factor in assisting you during the labor process.  They don't call it labor because it's a picnic.  It's not.   As a doula, I use my healing modalities to bring peace and relaxation to my clients.  Having this type of healing on board, can help you have a shorter labor and a gentle birth for you and your baby.  Babies in-utero love it too. 


During birth, I have personally used energetic healing for babies as they make there way down the vagina and out into this world.  They can get scared and may become reluctant to move down and through.  With a bit of energetic healing,  they seem to not be so stressed when they are born.  

All good things.  If your interested in finding out more about my doula services go to my website Blissful Beginning Birth Services

Please contact me directly for a time and date for a healing session. (925) 895-4948 (call or text); email karen.reimer@yahoo.com (put "Healing Requested" in the tag line.)  

Thank you!

30 minute session: $80.00
One hour session: $150.00
Missed Appointment: $45


Karen Reimer

Holistic Healer, Metatronia Therapist, Master Level 2; 

Reiki Master; Mystic; Medium, On the Shamanic path. 
Southern Nevada!  

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