Are you a healer? Here's some tips to see if you are!

Have you ever been to a holistic or a healing show and wondered what energy healing is all about and what it does. Did you think it’s all hogwash and doesn’t do anything? What about if you learned more about energy healing and how it worked. Maybe next time you went to a holistic show you might try it. But that’s not what this is about. This is about tips to see if you are a healer. As far as I’m concerned, everyone has the ability to heal themselves and others. How do I know this? Well I never knew I was a healer until I started taking Reiki. Reiki is the “traditionally” known healing system for energy healing but there are others and everyone has there own way of doing it. Here’s so


Karen Reimer

Holistic Healer, Metatronia Therapist, Master Level 2; 

Reiki Master; Mystic; Medium, On the Shamanic path. 
Southern Nevada!  

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