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About Me!

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I became a Wellness Consultant when I realized one day that its the path for me.  As a former athlete, or should I say recovering athlete, I know what to do to help you be at your best.  I also feel like I know a few things about nutrition and how you can be your best self just by changing what you eat.  It works.  I am also a yoga instructor, birth doula, meditator, healer, a dedicated practitioner of Reiki, Master practitioner in Shoden (a beautiful Animal Reiki) and Usui Fire (a beautiful Reiki practice), on the Shamanic path, intuitive, empathic and more.  All of these gifts and knowledge allow me to be an amazing healer, an oracle card reader, be able to look at your past lives (or life) and talk to the dead. That said, I have known for years that there was something special about me.  I knew and could see things that no one else seemed to notice.  Then one day the universe said that now is the time for you to bring your gifts forward to everyone that needs them.  In the past ten years or so that I have been practicing, I have created my own unique healing modality that combines both Reiki's that I have Mastered in.  The healings that I do go all the way down to the cellular and DNA level.  This enables me to help you and your pets bridge the gap between "western medicine" and "alternatives" and help you navigate between the 2. I am also a Medical Medium which means that during a healing I can check on the energy inside the body so yes I see organs, lungs, muscles etc. and exchange energy with them, so you feel at your best. 

As you can tell by my picture, I love trees and nature. My love of nature has brought me to Wellness Consulting and energy healing. I have always wanted to help heal people and animals so they would feel better and to get rid of their stress, anxiety, aches and pain.  I wanted to teach them how to spread energy healing to everyone and the earth.  I have managed to do both in the last few years.  I started out with Reiki 1, than 2, than 3.  The Reiki that I took then (Shoden) was and still is a beautiful modality.  It really opened me up to healing.  Then I took another Reiki modality, Usui Fire.  It was amazing and complimented my Shoden Reiki. I mastered in both of them which allows me to teach. But I wasn't done yet. Combining these healing modalities has given me an edge that provides people and animals a unique healing.      

Relaxing Massage Therapy

People that I give healings to say I have a gift. I have had several clients over the years that tell me how having a healing from me has changed their life for the better.  Working with Reiki and my own intuition has opened me up to be able to sense energy that is not needed or stuck, and to remove it.  As a medical medium I am able to see the muscles and intestines that make up the body and clear the energy that doesn't belong there.  Its another amazing gift that I am very grateful for.  

Meditation is also something that I enjoy and frequently am live on Facebook for Meditation Monday!  It's truly another gift that I have to help the people of the earth and all the beings that live here.  


I am so blessed with all of this knowledge and these gifts and would love to help you get back to your best self! 

Contact me today to set up an appointment! - (925) 895-4948  

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