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KAREN REIMER, the founder of HEARTFELT HEALING WELLNESS,  started this business with the intent of helping people to feel better by relieving you from stress, anxiety, aches and pains and to give you an addition or an alternative to western medicine.  Karen also loves to help her clients to improve their overall health by suggesting changes to nutrition and physical fitness. Karen  also can assist you in learning how nutrition, exercise, meditation, gratitude and more, can help heal yourself and more.  She also really enjoys writing and recording meditations along with writing blogs. 

HEARTFELT HEALING WELLNESS believes in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of aches, pains, stress and anxiety. These beliefs guide the core teachings and practices at HEARTFELT HEALING WELLNESS that focuses on helping clients to finding their path to love for themselves and others, along with Spiritual Coaching, Chakra Alignment, Aura Cleansing, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Coaching, Chakra Alignment, Aura Cleansing, Energy Medicine, Personalized Meditation, Birth Doula, Yoga Instructor, Nutritional Coaching, Physical Fitness and help to release your fear that all leads to a Life Transformation! Did I mention I'm also a Medical Medium? Another way I can help you.   

Find out about all of the Offerings we have from Heartfelt Healing Wellness.  Just click 

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